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As part of the rental agreement (composed of the Rental Application, the Residential Lease with the Rules and Regulations and such other supplementary documents as the parties executed) the undersigned tenant(s) agree to the following charges and costs which may be assessed against the Lessee & Lessee’s security deposit:


1.   The amount of rent due shall increase by $50.00 for that month if full rent is not RECEIVED on or before the 1st day of the month.


2.   $200 per month additional rent per unauthorized extra person or animal.


3.   $30 fee for each non-sufficient funds or stopped payment check dishonored by tenant’s bank. (Plus additional rent if applicable)


4.   $75 per lock if all keys including mail key are not delivered to Lessor upon Lessee’s vacating.


5.   $75 for each garage door opener not delivered to Lessor upon Lessee’s vacating.


6.    All costs and lost rent in the event Lessee departs and either party re-rents the premises prior to the agreed lease end date (or any extension thereof) including, but not limited to advertising, signage, Lessor’s labor costs and rental commissions.


7.    $25 if Lessor or manager unlocks Lessee’s unit because of lost, misplaced or forgotten keys.


8.    $35 for cleaning each of Lessor’s appliances left dirty by Lessee.


9.     $45 per room for carpet cleaning beyond normal wear and tear if Lessee has failed to have stained and/or damaged carpets professionally cleaned upon vacating by a firm approved by Lessor.  If Lessee had a pet in the unit, the carpets must be professionally cleaned and sanitized/deodorized.  Damages include but are not limited to: dark stains or patterns, splatters, food/wax/oil/grease, smears, traffic stains, any color, size, and shape of a stain that is left behind out of the ordinary color of the carpet, pet/spice/urine/feces/tobacco or any non-indigenous carpet odors, heavy soil/sand/deodorant powder.


10.   $20 per hour for cleaning of vacated premises beyond one hour and repair of any damage for which the Lessee is responsible.


11.    $20.00 per hour plus materials cost may be charged Lessee for repairs beyond normal wear and tear to repair and/or repaint marked, improperly painted (i.e. “spot” painted, or partial wall repaint) or damaged surfaces in apartment if Lessee resided in unit less than a full 13 months, one half of the labor and materials cost if tenant resided in unit more than 13 months but less than a full 25 months.  Damages to a wall or ceiling include but are not limited to: chips, color rub transfer, scuffs, nail holes, anchors, patches, scrapes, hand/body grease, smears, splatters.

12.   Incineration of any object inside garage or unit is forbidden (including but not limited to: tobacco, herbs, incense, candles, heavily burnt food).  Incineration may result in full-unit priming and painting, extra cleaning charges, and carpet cleaning plus deodorizing.

13.   Tenant is responsible for glass breakage per Wis. Statute.


14.    Lost rent up to one month of rent in the event that 1) Lessee has a pet and premises are not re-rented without rental loss despite Lessor’s normal rental efforts. 2) Lessee refuses to allow entry of premises during normal showing hours after having been given reasonable advance notice, 3) Lessee maintains condition of apartment in a manner that is not sanitary and orderly.


15.   The request for maintenance work by tenant constitutes permission for management/maintenance personnel to enter premises at reasonable times to perform the repairs.


16.   Personal property left on premises upon tenant vacating shall be charged actual and reasonable cost or value of removal and storage.


17.   $50.00 if Lessor or manager must meet with utility personnel to activate or deactivate Lessee’s service. 


 18.   The above charges shall be treated as rent.  Lessee’s payments shall be applied First to any outstanding balance and only then to current charges and obligations.


I understand that if I fail to properly clean/repair my apartment upon departure I will be charged the above charges (or higher actual costs of repair if applicable).


I understand that if this is a sub-tenancy, (i.e., replacing a current tenant,) sub-tenant agrees to assume any unsatisfied security deposit liabilities, which have accrued since the inception of the original lease.


I have received a copy of the “Premises Condition Checklist” as part of the lease along with the Lessor’s certification that, to the best of Lessor’s knowledge, the premises is in rentable condition, normal wear and tear excluded, with no “billable” damage.  I am aware that I have 7 days after occupancy to notify Lessor in writing of any damage or needed repairs which existed prior to occupancy and may request in writing a list of physical damages or defects if any, charged to the previous tenant’s security deposit.